In this powerful 4-hour seminar, Andrew offers an in-depth experience in love, sexuality and relationships.

You will learn how to:

  • Nurture a more authentic connection with your friends, family & intimate partnerssrdceUnderstand why you repeat unsuccessful patterns in relationships
  • Discern what is true for you in each moment rather than being caught in the past
  • Become a feeling person, rather than an emotional one
  • Step into the power through integrating your mature feminine and masculine
  • Understand the flow of sexual energy during sacred union
  • Use the Relationship Map process and how this can more easily identify your relationship problems and find solutions to them
  • Understand the three phases of relationship and how to evolve through them
  • Discover the five main problem areas in relationships and what to do about them
  • Understand the importance of emotional wisdom in relationships

To every relationship and situation in our life we bring our past experiences and the meanings we have attached to them. These visible and invisible histories can influence, if not govern, how we relate to our friends, family and intimate partners.

In order to relate authentically we need to bring conscious awareness to our old patterns of fear and learn how they can influence our behaviour in the present.

This beautiful and transformative seminar can support you to:

  • Heal your emotional wounds
  • Have healthy and fulfilling relationships
  • Learn about masculine/feminine dynamics to create harmony
  • Develop valuable skills in the way you relate to yourself and others
  • Discover what triggers your fear responses in relationships and how to respond rather than react to situations
  • Deepen your intimacy in sexual relationships
  • Feel more confidence and acceptance of who you are, exactly as you are

Andrew offers an in-depth understanding of and solutions to the most common problems that drain love from our relationships, bringing new awareness and skills to conscious communication, boundary setting, love, sexuality, and relationships.