Rapture Retreat level 3 is an opportunity for people that have attended Andrew’s Tantric Body De-armouring or Tantric Full Body Energy Orgasm retreats to explore living in a community that’s originated with the premise that rapture, sexual energy, and pleasure is a platform for expanding consciousness. 

If we are to evolve to the next level of consciousness as a species, and let go of antiquated self-identities, it will require transcending into new ways of being in each moment. Rapture provides this platform of inspiration by supporting creative, passionate, and motivated people to collaborate from a state of greathearted love, compassion, empathy, love, and shared power. 

Many people have attended Tantric sexuality events, and afterwards feel perplexed as to how sublimate their sexual energy pragmatically into a greathearted love that becomes a usable fuel for living in relationships, career, in daily

life, and to support all sentient beings and the planet as a whole. By being a part of Rapture means you will have this opportunity. 

We transition into being first, whilst prioritising greathearted love and sexual energy as an integral part of our evolutionary practice. This state of being extends beyond our sense of self and into caring for our relationships, societies, all the animals, and the entire planet. From this place of being bespeaks greathearted love’s transitions into doing…

Evolution is created through raising vibration, increasing vitality and sexual energy. The essential ingredients in this concoction are Tantric pleasure practices, joyousness, dance, play, togetherness, sex magic rituals, authenticity, nutrition, art, ceremony, movement, living in the now, earth arts, visual arts, music, and exploring wisdom pragmatically.  

Please note: for your care and safety there are some important prerequisites and guidelines for being able to attend Rapture Level 3. 

We do not recommended you attend if you:

  • Have unresolved trauma or sexual abuse or mental health condition. We recommend that you seek support from a trained medical practitioner, trauma therapist or psychotherapist. We do not recommend that you attend  Rapture Level 3. 
  • Have a medical condition that will stop you from being physically active during the retreat. 
  • Have been pressured by someone to attend the retreat, we don’t recommend you attend. This is for people that want to participate of their own free will. 

We do recommend you attend this retreat if you are a person who:

  • Has already been through this process of therapy to heal and let go of your past stresses, and are now ready to breakthrough to the other side and reinvent your sexuality. This retreat is transformational, rather than therapy. 
  • Enjoys fun stuff like dancing, drinking cacao, playing around, sex magic rituals, sharing sexual energy and pleasure etc, we recommend you only attend if you are ok with having some fun as well as going deep.
  • We only recommend you attend if you are willing to be in the moment, let go of your self pressuring, and be willing to go on a journey of self discovery with other like minded people, one moment at a time…


About the retreat: Because this is an advanced level 3 retreat, you are firstly required to submit an application to attend. We want to ensure for your care and for others that are attending Rapture that everyone is self responsible, and ready to attend this type of advanced sexuality retreat. 

  • Upon registering you will be asked to agree and sign a participant consent form.
  • All food on the retreat will be yummy nutritious delicious vegan gluten free food designed for cleansing, so there will be lots of yummy soups salads etc.
  • This retreat is free of drugs or alcohol, including caffeine, smoking cigarettes or marijuana, and plant medicines. Of course if you’re taking medications for a health condition that is ok. 
  • As this is retreat addresses sexuality and pleasure there may be exercises and practices that involve nudity and sexual touch. Please know that there is nothing that you have to do, there will be no peer group pressure from anyone on the retreat, and you determine your level of involvement all of the time. And you can say NO to anyone, including the organisers and facilitator at anytime on the retreat. 


Organizational informations :

Retreat is in english with czech translation

When:      2021

Where:     Czech Republic

Price:       € 650

Accommodation and detoxification food:

Accommodation is in three- to six-beds rooms.
Price :
– bed in room with detoxification food is 32 EUR per day
– mattress in meditation hall with detoxification food is 30 EUR per day

The diet includes foods of the high quality and superfoods.

Registration :

please fill the form and you will receive an email with other information.
By filling out the form, you agree to the Terms and Conditions.