Welcome to the journey of self-discovery through Tantra: ancient art, science and philosophy that teaches us how to use our powerful life force of sexual energy for healing. This blissful and meditative energy helps us navigate through life more easily than you could ever imagine.

When you re-discover your true sexuality and sensuality, when you realize your potential and learn to direct your sexual energy, your life will flourish and abound with love, health, happiness, abundance and appreciation.

Aim of the session

Individual session offers individuals or couples the unique opportunity to learn the ancient techniques of sensuality, Tantra and Sacred Sexuality through their own experience. Sessions are usually mix of talking and experiental part. Someone prefers sessions only through consultation, and it is possible, you can still focus on the many issues of sexuality, relationships, love, communication, behavioral patterns, sexual abuse, jealousy, overcoming fear, careers, health, the dynamics between men and women and the search for meaning life.

The aim of individual and couple sessions is to support your overall well-being, to achieve your maximum potential. Therefore, we invite you to come to the session disinterested. If you promise to be true to yourself and you are willing to step out of your comfort zone to a new life experience, then you get a lot more. The more intensely you dare to experience, the more will Andrew be able to support you.


Price and Registration:

Price per 2.5-hour session is 200 EUR / 5500 CZK per person or 230 EUR / 6300 CZK per couple session.
Individual sessions will be held in November 2018.

Do not hesitate to book your place in time!

You can book your place by email info@andrewbarnes.cz. Please provide your phone number and we will contact you and arrange a time and place of the session.
Consultations are held in English.

Individual sessions can be arranged with Jana: info@andrewbarnes.cz