Where does Ka Huna come from and what does it mean?

Originating in the islands of the South Pacific, Ka Huna massage is known as the ‘Ancient Hawaiian Temple of Your Soul’ style of massage.

There are numerous meanings for Ka Huna within the Hawaiian language. The first word ‘Ka’ means ‘the light’ and ‘Huna’ means ‘secret knowledge’. ‘Secret’ refers to knowledge and wisdom that is beyond what we can see in our everyday lives.


from 6th June to 12th June 2022 in Czech Republic – level 1 & 2
from 25th July to 31st July 2022 in Czech Republic – level 3

we start on Monday by registration on 6PM, end on Sunday till 4PM
Price:       € 590 + accomodation and food.
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What are the distinctive features of Ka Huna massage?

This Temple Style of Hawaiian massage was developed by the ancient Kahuna Lapa’ au who were the master Lomi Lomi practitioners. It was performed in temples and shrines for numerous sacred ceremonies.  

Another distinctive feature is that specific dance movements need to be learned to perform this massage. These moves come from the ancient Kahuna’s who observed nature, specifically, the frigatebird and albatross – large sea birds known for their stamina and intuitive navigation. The dances are commonly called Flying or Mana Dancing.   

Ancient Hawaiian massage masters knew there were ways to release the body’s powers so that physical, mental, emotional, and energetic harmonising and expansion could occur quickly and completely. They incorporated two main assumptions of the Huna philosophy: everything seeks harmony and everything seeks love. Thus, Ka Huna is also called ‘spiritual massage’ as it is one loving power and powerful love.

Ka Huna also shows ways to empower ourselves by developing and increasing our Mana, (Hawaiian for life force energy, much the same as Chi in Tai Chi or Ki in Aikido). With this comes clarity of mind, confidence, self-awareness, self-acceptance, peace, and a sense of joy. 


What are the Ka Huna massage techniques?

To define Ka Huna massage is like trying to describe what a flower looks, smells, and feels like to someone who has never seen one before.  You can only ‘know’ by the experience of holding a flower in your hands, breathing in its lush fragrances, and being in awe of its magical beauty.  Like a flower’s essence, Ka Huna surpasses words, and in that moment of giving and receiving it is beyond being and non-being – pure love. It’s a celebration of our humanity; it is the massage of life.

The Hawaiians view all aspects of the body as one, believing that the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual are all part of the self. What makes Ka Huna massage such a unique style is its combination of movement, dance, rhythm, breath, energy, and massage. The practitioner is in constant movement around the massage table, following specific patterns of foot placement and body posture. The arms sweep over the body in long, flowing movements to the pulse of music, creating a fluid, rhythmical massage, like a bird flying through the sky. 

Ka Huna applies flowing strokes using forearms, elbows, and hands combining body draining, soft and deep tissue massage, underbody massage, and energy harmonising to form a dynamic, intuitive, and transformational bodywork.  

The three Hawaiian Ka Huna massage levels 

Each level can be completed individually; however, it is recommended to do level 1 and 2 together. 

Some of what you’ll learn on Level 1:

  • How to give and receive a Hawaiian Ka Huna level 1 massage
  • The seven shamanic principles of Huna
  • Frigatebird and albatross dance
  • Stay energised while giving a Ka Huna massage
  • Client consultation, draping, and boundary setting for Ka Huna massage
  • Benefits of Ka Huna massage
  • Indications and contra-indications for Ka Huna massage

Some of what you’ll learn on Level 2:

  • How to give and receive a Hawaiian Ka Huna level 2 massage
  • Level 2 underbody massage techniques
  • Integrating energy into massage
  • The Eye of Kanaloa meditation
  • The micro/macro-cosmic body orbits 

Some of what you’ll learn on Level 3:

  • How to give and receive advanced Hawaiian Ka Huna level 3 massage
  • Level 3 underbody massage techniques
  • Hawaiian Ka Huna deep tissue release
  • Passive joint rotation
  • Spinning, sliding, and turning receiver over on the massage table
  • How to perform a two-person Ka Huna massage
  • Blindfold massage
  • Marathon massage
  • The mana stick dance
  • The Cellular Memory Concept (CMC)
  • Using both sides of your brain: rapid Interhemispheric switching
  • Hakalau trance state to see auras
  • Reading body language 

Organizational informations :

Retreat is in english with czech translation

from 6th June to 12th June 2022 – Level 1&2
from 25th July to 31st July 2022 – Level 3

Where:     Center Padmafarma, Bela u Jevicka, Czech Republic

Price:       € 590

Accommodation and detoxification food:

Accommodation is in three- to six-beds rooms.

Price :
– bed in room with detoxification food is 37 EUR per day
– mattress in meditation hall with detoxification food is 35 EUR per day

The diet includes foods of the high quality and superfoods

Registration :

please fill the form and you will receive an email with other information.
By filling out the form, you agree to the Terms and Conditions.