contact dance – tantric energy – high vibration

The Explosive Heart women’s experience opens the door to other dimensions of pleasure, bliss, sensuality, sexuality, and love. Letting go of the mind moves us into realms of expanded consciousness. Through contact dance, music and Tantric energy we raise our vibrational frequency, vibrating all of the cells in our body. We become alive bodies… 

Evolution is created through raising sexual energy and increasing vitality. The essential ingredients in this concoction are Tantric practices, joyousness, dance, play, togetherness, authenticity, nutrition, ceremony, sensual contact movement, living in the now, music, and exploring wisdom pragmatically.  

We will embody Tantric energy practices that will cultivate ecstatic energy flow and support the opening of the Tantric energy pathways, enabling us to move into a new sense-experience of our erotic energy body. By reconnecting to our sensual motion, we experience greater intuition and flow in our day-to-day experiences, as well as greater depth in our sexuality and relationships. 

During the Explosive Heart experience for women we will explore Tantric sensual and sexual practices, orgastic breath dance meditation, and raising our vibrational frequency through giving and receiving Tantric Full Body Energy Orgasm sessions and much more…

Please note: 

  • Explosive Heart is not a therapeutic retreat to heal trauma. It’s an opportunity to explore and expand yourself in the moment of experience.
  • It is not a retreat with a psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist, teacher or other medical professional. You may take the opportunity to seek out medical advice before the experience to ensure your eligibility.

Organizational informations :

Retreat is in english with czech translation

When:      from 6th April to 12th April 2020, registration starts on 6PM

Where:     Czech Republic

Price:       € 590

Accommodation and detoxification food:

Accommodation is in three- to six-beds rooms.
Price :
– bed in room with detoxification food is 34 EUR per day
– mattress in meditation hall with detoxification food is 32 EUR per day

The diet includes foods of the high quality and superfoods.

Registration :

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