Women’s genitals are steeped in mystery. Despite around 50% of the planet’s population possessing a vagina or “yoni” (a Sanskrit term for the vagina, meaning “sacred place”), most women still do not have a clear understanding of their own anatomy or genital functions.

Do you know:
    • The full extent and structure of the clitoris?
    • The location of your G-spot and how to awaken it?
    • The truth about the female prostate gland and ejaculation?
    • How the unresolved issues toward men block women from expanding their sexual energy and orgasm.
    • How to identify blocks to orgasm?
    • How to understand Full Body Energetic Orgasm?
    • What the difference is between a G-spot and Cervix ejaculation?

The vagina is often shrouded in a veil of secrecy and shame. Many people find talking about female genitals embarrassing or uncomfortable. Even in art, where the female form has been for centuries painted and sculpted in great detail, the detail usually stops where the triangle starts.

Why is this?

Much information taught, even in medical schools and textbooks, is inaccurate or incomplete. Research shows that much of sexual education focuses on the perils of sexuality, and has a “curricular omission” concerning key facts about female genitals, with little or no accurate information about sexual pleasure. Despite living in this information-rich age, there is still controversy about the precise nature of a woman’s anatomy.

In this fascinating seminar yo
u will:
  • Understand the clitoris, G-spot and female prostate, both anatomically and energetically
  • Learn about women’s orgasm, ejaculation, and full body orgasm
  • Discover the extraordinary history of feminine sexuality from the Victorian era until today
  • Learn how women and men are more alike than we are different, even on a physical level
  • How to heal the resentment between women and men

Using accurate anatomical diagrams and scientific research, Andrew skilfully and entertainingly navigates you through the history and biology of female sexuality. During the evening if there is a volunteer to be a model for us, Andrew will, in an open and frank way, demonstrate anatomy and useful techniques that support female ejaculation.

At no point will you be asked to participate in a practical way or to remove your clothing. Any “hands on” work will wait until you can explore the “homework” in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

This is aimed at being a fun, informative event, which you will leave armed with all the knowledge that you need to feel secure and confident in your own genitals. But more than being simply about sex, this workshop addresses a much more important subject: that of women reclaiming their sexuality and sexual knowledge. This seminar is for both men and women to attend (unless otherwise stated).