Many man have been conditioned to rely on friction-based techniques in their lovemaking, and as a result become goal oriented sexually. In this seminar you will learn why shifting the focus to an energetic sexual perspective can transform lovemaking into expanded bliss states for you and your partner.

Majority of men often seek information from the most readily available source: pornography. Unfortunately this projects a one-sided fantasy of sexual activity rather than the full context and techniques that lead to true intimacy.

Even if they’re not misled by what they see online, many men make assumptions about female anatomy and sexuality based on what they have discovered through pleasuring themselves. They tend to focus too much on friction-based techniques, penetration and short-lived orgasm and never experience the full range of deep and long-lasting ecstasy that is inside them.

Much of the information men have been taught has created an environment where it has become normal for males to be addicted to their ejaculation; we actually think this is natural, not an addiction. Men’s addiction to ejaculation is a major source of relationship problems, and if we are to evolve our love not just within our relationships, but also as a society as a whole, it is imperative that this addiction is addressed.

In this seminar we will address what are the causes of men’s addiction to ejaculation, and what are the solutions. How men can discover their sexual cycle, and how can they use it to follow the natural rhythms of their body. This then supports their ability to use their sexual energy to raise their vibrational frequency, create bliss states, and access higher levels of consciousness.

This seminar covers:

    • The differences and similarities between women and men’s orgasm.
    • How men can expand their experience of orgasm and lovemaking.
    • How men can have full body multiple orgasms without ejaculating.
    • Learning the difference between male ejaculation and orgasm.
    • How men can solve their early ejaculation and erection problems just by changing their thoughts, breathing, and healing emotional wounds.
    • Men’s addiction to ejaculation and how to overcome it.
    • Discover that men have a sexual cycle and how to use it as a guidance system.
    • What is the source of many women’s frustration during sexual interaction, and how to overcome it.
    • How to achieve increased intimacy and greater connectedness.
    • How women can experience extended full body energetic orgasms with a man.
    • How men can ride a woman’s wave of bliss to reach their own higher states of consciousness and bliss.

Through understanding and using simple Tantric techniques men and women can create space for endless sexual exploration and healing. By healing their addiction to ejaculation, men can heal relationship wounds and transform their relationships, along with discovering how their sexual energy can be used as a fuel for living in daily life, how they can create bliss states for healing, and how to access an expanded state of consciousness.

At no point will anyone be asked to remove clothing or to participate in any practical way. Any “hands on” homework you choose to explore can wait for the comfort and privacy of your own home as you set out on a journey to connect with your deeper sexual self. This seminar is designed for men to understand their own body and for women to truly know their men’s needs. For men and women to attend (unless otherwise stated).