Czech Republic, 31st October to 8th November 2022

4-day retreat (level I) and

4-day retreat (level II), focused on:

Tantric Body De-armouring - releasing of the­ emotional blocks

Detoxification and awakening of the pineal gland - the­ center of intuition

Awakening the creative life force energy through Orgasmic Meditation 

Many spiritual and religious traditions have advocated denying, escaping or somehow transcending the body in order to gain spiritual altitude. But what if the body, itself, is a gateway to higher consciousness – and sexual energy is a conduit for spiritual bliss, abundance, and prosperity?

In this 7 1/2-Day course, you will gain the keys for illuminating your own vibrational frequency so you can step into the joy of awakened, embodied being. In a safe, supportive environment, you can literally set yourself free of the armour that lowers your vibration, and experience the ecstatic, creative power of your own unbounded sexual life-force energy.

Tantric Body De-armouring enables us to let go of holding patterns that lower our vibrational frequency and stand in the way of our full enjoyment of life. These holding patterns are composed of unresolved sexual stress, corresponding emotional imbalances, and the physical tensions these engender. Many people unknowingly carry these energy blocks throughout their lives while wondering why it’s so difficult to release deep, embedded traumas from the past.

Tantra is a pathway not only to sexual ecstasy but to personal healing and fulfilment. In our time together, we will explore generating high-vibrational bliss states as a platform for our healing – and for accessing expanded states of consciousness. This will support participants in letting go of victim-consciousness and releasing stuck places, thereby up-levelling brain chemistry and awakening dormant cognitive and intuitive capacities.

Participants will learn to integrate internal feminine and masculine energies, which will change the way you perceive your life and interact in relationships. You’ll also learn to:

  • Give and receive Tantric Body De-armouring sessions
  • Explore Orgastic Breath Dance Meditations
  • Generate, build, and breathe sexual energy into the higher-level chakras and glands of your body
  • Liberate your capacity to experience bliss states throughout all the cells in your body
  • Use your sexual energies – and the endorphins they trigger – as a fuel for living –rather than having to operate each day on willpower and adrenaline
  • Reach new levels of self-expression and freedom around your unique sensuality and sexuality
  • Tantric Full Body Energy Orgasm
  • Sanaga Ceremony to active the pineal gland. Click on the link to read more.

It is conscious awareness and acceptance of our whole self – and the freedom to communicate our truth – that empowers us to create the life we long to live. This highly experiential, fun, intense and expansive retreat is for people seeking to expand their personal freedom and enhance their pleasure in being. Practitioners in the Health and Wellbeing fields wanting to gain new skills are also welcome.

This retreat is an intensive, fun, and highly experiential for both men and women who want to expand their horizons and explore maximum potentials. You’ll learn new skills and know more about yourself than you ever did before.

During the workshop we will purify the body through specially arranged diet, which will also help to support the processes taking place in our workshop. Diet is: gluten-free (without bread and pasta), vegan (dairy and meat free), sugar free. During the workshop also do not drink coffee, black tea, alcohol or smoke cigarettes. We will eat light, specially formulated meals according to our rules consisting of smoothies and fresh juices, fruits, soups, vegetables, cereal and rice with regard to the products from the list of Superfoods - characterized by high nutritional value and health, such as spirulina, raw cacao, chlorella, macadamia nuts, chia seeds, quinoa...

Organizational information

When: From Monday 31st October to Friday 4th November 2022 - Level I
From Friday 4th November to Tuesday 8th November 2022 - Level II
Where: Center Ziva Voda, Kohoutov 143 (u Trutnova), Czech Republic
Price: 380 € Level I
380 € Level II
710 € Full retreat

Accommodation and detoxification food :

Accommodation is in three- to six-bed rooms.
Price :
– bed in room with detoxification food is 37 EUR per day
– mattress in meditation hall with detoxification food is 35 EUR per day
The diet includes foods of the high quality and superfoods.


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