About Andrew

Tantric relationship & sexuality coaching 

Andrew has created the International Tantric Relationship and Sexuality Coaching Program and is training people around the world to guide individuals and couples in cultivating a profound depth of vibrancy and intimacy in their daily lives.

Andrew’s worldview encourages us beyond the usual ways of enhancing our life experience and understanding the concepts of Tantric sex. He draws from his wide-ranging experiences including Tantra and Health Science, bringing a distinctive presence, clarity, and approach to a broad array of topics. In addition to more conceptual themes, he addresses daily issues: sexuality, relationships, love, communication, behavioural patterns, vocation, health and abundance. He shares his insights with warmth, sensitivity, and humour.

Andrew also supports people to become more aware of the unconscious psychology of relationships and sexuality and how this effects our ability to love without fear. How this changes the vibrational frequency of the body, and how we can use our sexual energy as a spiritual platform for raising consciousness and creating abundance…

Women’s Sexuality

Andrew is a leading authority on women’s sexuality, respected among his peers for his expertise and craft based on extensive studies and experience in Tantric practices, bodywork and sexuality philosophy. He is helping to shape a movement that is growing in relevance and acceptance with his enlightening teachings on spiritual growth, conscious relating and sexuality.

Bodywork, Energy Healing & Health Science

Andrew has five diplomas in different styles of bodywork and energy healing, and a Master of Health Science (Sexual Health). However, he attributes his greatest learnings to life experience, and the wisdom and guidance of the many mentors and teachers he has had from around the world since 1993. These men and women have enriched his path, expanding and challenging him in immeasurable ways.

Andrew now supports others to find their inner truth and experience dynamic transformation in their own lives. Andrew does not claim to be a teacher, counsellor, therapist, guru or enlightened. Rather, he is a simple man, preferring to share what he has learnt through his life experience. At events he facilitates, he prefers to take an egalitarian approach, encouraging group cooperation and group responsibility in all matters, including boundaries and agreements.

Supporting groups to become aware of how they give their power away in relationships and to authority figures is an essential element of the all AwakeningWithin Foundation events, along with how they can begin to empower themselves and live more authentically through developing communication and boundary setting skills, even around people that are believed to be in positions of power.


Andrew is a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society since 2009. Membership is only available to the top 15% of undergraduate and postgraduate University students worldwide. www.goldenkey.org

Andrew is a member of the International School of Temple Arts since 2009 and in 2010 became a lead facilitator.


Activities and projects

Awakening within Foundation

Andrew established AwakeningWithin in 2005, as a not-for-profit, humanitarian, community service organisation which has now become a highly recognised concern, offering a wide range of personal/spiritual development services across Australia and internationally.

The foundation delivers a range of powerful services for individuals and couples, including seminars, workshops and retreats designed to educate and to awaken people as to why they are here, and to learn to how cultivate and circulate their sexual energy in such a way that they are able to use this energy as a fuel for living and as a platform for accessing higher levels of consciousness.

Academy of Therapeutic Arts Foundation

Established by Andrew in 2003. Offers variaty of methods of bodywork and energy therapies based on modern and ancient healing techniques based on integrity and depth.


Heart of The Flower – book of yonis

Heart of the Flower is an unflinching exploration of the beautiful diversity of women’s genitals, free of judgement, shame and embarrassment.

Fifty everyday women have posed for up-close and personal photographs that show their genitals from many different and rarely seen angles. Each woman writes candidly with wit, wisdom, passion, even despair, about her relationship with her vulva.

The book brings into light the ins and outs of the female sexual anatomy, and demystifies and challenges the way society views women’s genitals.

Heart of the Flower is designed to normalise and celebrate diversity at a time when labial reconstructions have reached an all-time high and women’s body image is at an all-time low.

A new book called The Heart of the Flower has big, full frontal, colour shots of 50 different vaginas.

The authors say that they want women to see that their vagina, no matter what it looks like, is totally normal. It’s been produced in response to concerns about the rise in cosmetic genital surgery, such as labiaplasty. Kaitlyn Sawrey from Triple J’s Hack program speaks to one of the models in the book, who at one time contemplated plastic surgery herself.

Heart of the Flower – The Book of Yonis

Relationship Tantra

Tantric relationship – deep feelings for common path to a meaningful life and love

In this book, Andrew Barnes draws everyday wisdom of Tantra, science and clinical sexology. It explains how our social habits and brain processes too often affect our decisions and control our lives. The book offers a simple and effective way to learn to live more in love than fear and how to remain in this state. Andrew demonstrates how to break the cycle of dependence on relationships and avoiding them and getting rid of blocks that imprison us in old patterns.


Cuddle parties

Cuddle Party offers a safe space for meetings in the spirit of conscious communication and experience a healing and nourishing effect nonsexual close. Andrew is a certified tutor of Cuddle party in Australia and a member of the International Cuddle Party committee.

Volunteer programs

Since 1993, Andrew has led volunteer programs for massages and personal development of women’s rehabilitation clinics, male prisons, maximum security, centers for drug addicts and many other organizations.